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Freya Mu

🟢 A huge amount of work has been done in order to end up with an absolutely ready-made and unique server.

🟢 On our server Freya Mu, Balance in PvP and PvE is perfectly tuned. It doesn't matter who you start playing with, each class is unique.

🟢 We also gave the players the opportunity to independently collect the best things and improve them, for this you will need to study all the mixes that exist on our server.

🟢 We added 4 lvl and 5 lvl Wing.

🟢 The new Quest System will allow you to get 10 000 points, in addition to what you get for a reset and a grand. Of course, a huge number of useful things and W Coin.

🟢 All Golden Invasions will now be in Noria only. We did this on purpose, so that no one was lazy to go to the event.

🟢 All Red Dragon are now in Devias. The meaning of this event is that Sign of Dimension and Gemstone will fall only from them. Thus, we are raising this event to a new level.

🟢 All other event monsters such as White Wizard / Skeleton King / Santa / Premium Goblin hid in Lorencia. What you will get from them, you have to find out in the game :)

🟢 Doto - this funny monster will not harm you, however, in order to kill him and get an excellent weapon, you will have to try.

🟢 Do not forget about the new Jwl Exe / Anc / Socket / Luck / Skill / Option, they will allow you to break into the TOP ! Information about mixes and drops is on the forum !

🟢 We continue to improve the world of Mu Online, in the game you will find a huge number of new Events, Bosses and Items. We will be glad to see you on our project Freya Mu Online !

Posted 15 / 05 / 2021 By freyamu

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