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🟢 Freya MU Online is a free server of the classic MMO game MU Online with a huge number of new features and a unique gaming atmosphere in a unique build. All innovations are unique and available only on our game server.

🟢 Freya MU Online stands out for its unique atmosphere and balanced economy. Also on our server Freya MU there is a unique quest system. We are one of those who appreciate each player and are ready to do everything to help him, naturally within reasonable limits.

🟢 The team of developers and game masters of Freya MU lives in the world of MU Online and constantly comes up with something completely new and extraordinary from ordinary everyday things. We are waiting for each of you in our world to provide you with the most pleasant conditions for the game and give you the opportunity to be proud that you are playing with us.

🟢 We have the best protection against DDos attacks, the best protection against cheating programs. Freya MU guarantee stable server operation 24/7/365. Also an experienced Administration that develops all the elements of the server independently.

🟢 You can find more information here.

We wish you all a pleasant game.

Contacts: skype Freya Mu

Posted 16 / 03 / 2021

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